"1819- 28 March: Joseph William Bazalgette born at Enfield" (Halliday).

"1831- First Cholera epidemic resulted in 13,000 deaths" (A Healthy Nation).

"1848- Second Cholera epidemic resulted in 21,000 deaths.The First Public Health Act set up a General Board of Health in London, which could create local Boards of Health where 10% of the ratepayers requested one and where the death rate was over 23 per 1,000. The Act only lasted for five years and the General Board disappeared in 1858 because of opposition to Chadwick's methods" (A Healthy Nation).

"1848- Metropolitan Sewers Commision established; connection of house drains and cesspools to sewers required for the first time" (Halliday).

"1854- Dr. John Snow proved that cholera was caused by a polluted water supply" (A Healthy Nation).

"1859- Work begins on the system; Bazalgette specifies Portland cement; draconian quality control system introduced" (Halliday).

"1864- Metropolitan board accepts the Hope-Napier scheme to convey London's sewage to Maplin sands" (Halliday).

"1865- MP proposes that £6,000 bonus be paid to Bazalgette for his work; Crossness pumping station opened by Prince of Wales (April); Southern system in operation; construction of Hope-Napier scheme begins" (Halliday).

"1866- Cholera epidemic ravages the East End of London which is not yet connected to Bazalgette's system; remainder of the Metropolis escapes; the theory that cholera is water-borne starts to become more widely accepted as a result of the East End epidemic" (Halliday).

"1867- Hope-Napier scheme in abeyance; never to be revived" (Haliday).

"1868- Abbey mills pumping station opens; Northern system in operation" (Halliday).

"1869- Albert Embankment opens; Bazalgette designs drainage system for Budapest and Port Louis, Mauritius" (Halliday).

"1870- Victoria Embankment opens" (Halliday).

"1872- Second Public Health Act was passed. As a result sanitary authorities were set up and all authorities had to appoint a Medical Officer of Health" (A Healthy Nation).

"1874- Chelsea Embankment opens; Bazalgette knighted; newly landscaped Leicester Square opens" (Halliday).

"1875- Western drainage system in operation" (Halliday).

"1875- Second Public Health Act was passed. As a result sanitary authorities were set up and all authorities had to appoint Third Public Health Act was passed. This set up Local Boards of Health and forced the appointment of Health Inspectors and Sanitary Inspectors. Artisans' Dwelling Act allowed local councils to clear slums. a Medical Officer of Health" (A Healthy Nation).

"1876- Northumberland Avenue opens" (Halliday).

"1878- Bazalgette installs London's first electric light on the Victoria Embankment; Princess Alice disaster; pollution of Thames estuary criticized; Waterloo bridge freed from tolls; Bazalgette proposes a new bridge at the Tower, a tunnel at Blackwall and a ferry at Woolwich" (Halliday).

"1879- Lambeth, Battersea, Chelsea Alber and Vaux hall ridges freed from tolls" (Halliday).

"1880- Wandsworth, Putney and Hammersmith bridges freed from tolls; (Hammersmith later substantially rebuilt by Bazalgette)" (Halliday).

"1883- Robert Koch discovers the cholera bacillus in polluted water in India" (Halliday).

"1884- Bazalgette is President of the Institution of Civil Engineers; Royal Commission criticizes pollution Thames Estuary" (Halliday).

"1886- Bazalgette's new Putney bridge opened" (Halliday).

"1887- Discharge of sewage to Thames ceases; practice of dumping at sea begins" (Halliday).

"1889- Metropolitan Board of Works replaced by London County Council'; Bazalgette retires" (Halliday).

"1890- Bazalgette's new Battersca bridge opened" (Halliday).

"1891- 15 March: death of Sir Joseph Bazalgette" (Halliday).

"1892- Hamburg ravaged by cholera; London escapes owing to Bazalgette's system" (Halliday).

"1902- London's water supply was taken over by the London County Council, previously it had been supplied by eight water companies, only five of which had filtered the water" (A Healthy Nation).

"1998- Dumping of sewage at sea ends; incineration of sewage begins" (Halliday).